MyMediaLite  3.11
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 NCorrelationThis namespace contains several correlation/distance measures
 NDataThis namespace contains MyMediaLite's principal data structures, which are used e.g. to store the interaction data that is used to train personalized recommenders
 NDataTypeThis namespace contains standard data types that are used by MyMediaLite, e.g. matrices, vectors, etc
 NDiversificationThis namespace contains methods for diversifying result lists
 NEnsembleThis namespace contains recommender ensembles
 NEvalThis namespace contains evaluation routines
 NHyperParameterThis namespace contains classes for automated hyper-parameter search
 NIOThis namespace contains I/O routines, e.g. to load interaction data from files and databases, or for loading recommender models from disk
 NItemRecommendationThis namespace contains item recommenders and some helper classes for item recommendation
 NRatingPredictionThis namespace contains rating predictors and some helper classes for rating prediction
 CExtensionsHelper class with utility methods for handling recommenders
 CHandlersClass containing handler functions, e.g. exception handlers
 CIIncrementalRecommenderInterface for recommenders that support incremental model updates.
 CIItemAttributeAwareRecommenderInterface for recommenders that take binary item attributes into account
 CIItemRelationAwareRecommenderInterface for recommenders that take a binary relation over items into account
 CIItemSimilarityProviderInterface for classes that provide item similarities
 CIIterativeModelInterface representing iteratively trained models
 CINeedsMappingsInterface for classes that need user and item ID mappings, e.g. for recommenders that read data from external sources and thus need to know which IDs are used externally.
 CIRecommenderGeneric interface for simple recommenders
 CIUserAttributeAwareRecommenderInterface for recommenderss that take binary user attributes into account
 CIUserRelationAwareRecommenderInterface for recommenders that take a binary relation over users into account
 CIUserSimilarityProviderInterface for classes that provide user similarities
 CMemoryMemory-related tools
 CMultiCoreUtility routines for multi-core algorithms
 CRandomRandom number generator singleton class
 CRecommenderAbstract recommender class implementing default behaviors
 CRecommenderParametersClass for key-value pair string processing
 CUtilsClass containing utility functions
 CWrapStatic methods to wrap around other code.